‘My Local Bobby Ltd’ (MLB) provides bespoke protective services to residents and business operating in defined areas known as ‘micro-beats’.  MLB’s aim is to work alongside police, local councils or other groups that have a vested interest in solving crime and preventing anti-social behaviour, thereby delivering sustainable improvements to the quality of life for all.  Since MLB began operating, we have had numerous successes in dealing with burglary, shoplifting, pick-pocketing, and drug-dealing offences resulting in significant crime reduction statistics across all defined areas of operation. We operate on a subscription basis to ensure individual costs are affordable.

My Local Bobby is fully supported by our parent company, TM-EYE, a leading Investigation company staffed by highly experienced detectives and cyber experts.  The combined resources of the two companies provide an effective deterrent against criminal and/or anti-social behaviour, together with an investigative component and the ability to conduct private prosecutions against offenders in appropriate cases. Described as providing a ‘revolutionary’ service, My Local Bobby has received a number of very encouraging testimonials from our clients as well as featuring in both print and TV news articles


‘My Local Bobby Ltd’ believes in creating safe and secure neighbourhoods, free from crime and anti-social behaviour.  At a time when law enforcement agencies are stretched and under-resourced, we provide an affordable solution, professionally delivered, for residents and business in both city centres and adjoining suburbs.