My Local Bobby has its own CCTV control room and command and control centre.

The CCTV control room remotely monitors CCTV cameras from across its beats and individual clients homes and business.

Many of the My Local Bobby fast response cars are fitted with live streaming cameras that can be viewed in real time by the control room and managers to manage risk and gather evidence in the event of incidents or offences.

Using the latest technology available the control room can live track all the Bobbies deployed on foot or in fast response patrol cars across the UK.

The command and control function allows the control room to monitor and record all radio transmissions and contact the Bobbies anywhere in the UK.

The CCTV service allows the control room team to act as additional support for the Bobbies. The systems have ANPR cameras deployed across beats that can identify and follow suspect vehicles or gather historic evidence of their journeys.

The control room also offers an alarm response facility for clients.

Our key holding facilities are monitored 24/7 by our control room staff to ensure maximum security.