My Local Bobby has a ‘sister’ company TM Eye Ltd that consist of highly experienced career police detectives, who have served over 30 years in specialist units within policing, such as the Flying Squad, Regional and National Crime Squads.

The relationship between the two companies gives the Bobbies from My Local Bobby access to the most experienced policing skills available.

Through TM Eye My Local Bobby gives their residents and business clients the opportunity to engage experienced investigators for either pro active or reactive investigations.

TM Eye has its own ‘in house’ surveillance team, with a full fleet of covert vehicles adapted for conventional surveillance. All TM Eye detectives are surveillance trained to the national policing standard.

TM Eye has the most advanced technical surveillance capabilities.

TM Eye has the only Dedicated Undercover unit outside of law enforcement with ‘advanced’ and ‘foundation’ undercover operatives highly trained by the Met SO10 branch or who have undertaken The National Undercover Course. TM Eye deploys undercover operatives daily. They are highly experienced in this difficult and highly risky area of policing.

TM Eye is the UK’s largest private prosecutor with a 100% conviction rate in over 800 successful private criminal prosecutions. 13% of those convicted received custodial sentences. 

TM Eye has Information Sharing Agreements in place with Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the Intellectual Property Office Intelligence Hub (IPO) and local agreements with Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCU’s) and Trading Standards offices across the UK.

TM Eye has access to the Police National Computer (PNC) for their criminal prosecutions cases.