My Local Bobby was created in 2016, to provide a service to the public and local business to create ‘Safe and Secure’ Neighbourhoods.

Based on the 1982 concept of ‘Broken Windows’, that was successful in significantly reducing crime in New York in the 1990’s, My Local Bobby operates in small areas known as ‘Beats’ to reduce crime and anti social behaviour and to reduce the fear of such activities.

Our public realm security officers are known as ‘Bobbies’. They patrol their beats and are pro active in tackling crime and anti social behaviour. They work closely with the Police and Local Authorities but where necessary will use our lawful powers to arrest persons committing or having committed criminal offences. 

The Bobbies are dedicated to their residents and business and become part of that community. 

Our Bobbies are all SIA accredited. Many are ex police or military officers. Most have Close Protection licences. 

They wear distinctive uniforms, are tracked and carry body worn camera’s and handcuffs.

They undertake extensive training in first aid, conflict resolution , self defence, use of handcuffs, evidence gathering and the use of defibrillators.

During their period on duty the Bobbies also carry out an environmental function, ensuring that any damage, graffiti, pot holes, broken street lighting or any other public realm issues are correctly reported. They follow up on those reports until the repairs are completed or fixed.

My Local Bobby have proven the success of their service by significantly reducing crime and anti social behaviour across all their beats. 

 My Local Bobby has currently beats in Piccadilly, Leicester Square and Fitzrovia in Central London, Roehampton, Notting Hill and Chelsea in west London, Woodford and Chigwell in Essex and Hadley Wood in North London.