David McKelvey

CEO - Founder

David retired from The Metropolitan Police Service as a Detective Chief Inspector in 2008 where he had become one of the most effective detectives in dismantling organised crime networks. He formed TM Eye, the sister company to My Local Bobby, to investigate the supply of counterfeit goods and undertake private criminal prosecutions. TM Eye is now the most effective and respected private organisation in this field and has teams focusing globally on luxury goods, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and design rights along with high value frauds. TM Eye recently set up a Prolific Crimes Team and now investigate and prosecute Theft Shoplifting and Person offences. TM Eye also has a Murder and Serious Crimes Review Team investigation miscarriages of justice and more serious crimes. This is supported by covert experts and a new office being established in India. To date over 800 private prosecutions have been undertaken with a 100% conviction rate. David saw TM Eye as the “catch’ and ‘convict’ arm of the organisation and had the vision to form MLB as the front end to ‘prevent’ and ‘deter’ crime and anti social behaviour. David continually advises high-profile clients and organisations from the worlds of commerce and media on matters of corporate and private security / investigation.


Ahmet Izzet

Director of Operations

Having spent 4 years in the miltary Ahmet Izzet took up an offer of a route into the private security world, he saw this as a great opportunity and chose to further his career in this sector. Ahmet Izzet, the Director of Operations at My Local Bobby, has now been in security and risk management for 18-years. Having spent time abroad in his 1st assignment as a private CPO, Ahmet has been able to gain valuable experience in testing conditions, allowing him to identify both strengths and weaknesses while working in a Close Protection team. Since entering the private security industry, Ahmet has been privately hired to manage and plan recruitment and operational aspects of contracted tasks for large and medium sized operations. These have included several high profile events and visits of high net-worth individuals and dignitries within the UK and abroad. As a result of his success, he has been commissioned by several of the UK’s leading Security organisations to carry out the same duties. Ahmet Izzet joined My local Bobby in a senior role to be part of a succesful business and grow with the company. Areas of operation: Middle East, Africa, Turkey. Fluent in English and Turkish