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Understanding the My Local Bobby service



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Creating a safer environment

Standard service

How you benefit


Benefit #1

Providing professional, uniformed, foot patrols to deliver a high-visibility deterrent in a defined area. Keeping you safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Benefit #2

Direct contact with your Bobby at all times on a dedicated mobile telephone. Track your Bobby online.


Benefit #3

Providing a fast and professional response to any incident or alarm they are notified of.


Benefit #4

Alarm and Incident response.

Enhanced service

All the standard service benefits...


+ Plus

Access to a top City law firm. One hour free consultation.


+ Plus

Personal support from MLB's team of experienced detectives.


+ Plus

Personal cyber assessment.


+ Plus

Cyber penetration testing service.

CNN video report

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Bobby Adam on Patrol

Some of the issues faced daily by our bobbies.

MLB in the newsEvening Standard

A drizzly night in Belgravia and the streets are deserted. A cab pulls up before Eaton Square’s stuccoed columns. The passenger in the back is metres from her front door — but drenched in De Beers and toting a £10,000 handbag, she doesn’t feel safe walking the distance alone. Thankfully she and her neighbours have their own immaculately turned-out private ‘policeman’ on speed dial to escort them safely home, an ex-copper or soldier who keeps an eye on their properties all day and who, should an ‘incident’ occur, has the power to arrest the perpetrator and launch his or her own investigation.

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MLB in the newsMail Online

The country’s first ‘private police force’ is investigating hundreds of crimes that regular officers are too busy to look at. A firm led by former Scotland Yard senior officers has successfully prosecuted more than 400 criminals and is now carrying out murder inquiries. TM Eye, which has a 100 per cent conviction rate, is thought to bring more private prosecutions than any organisation besides the RSPCA. The company, the country’s first de-facto private police force, is operating against a backdrop of rising crime rates and police budget cuts.

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Plans & Pricing

Choose from 3 levels of service


  • Dedicated Bobby
  • Direct access number to your own Bobby
  • Access to Bobby-tracking portal
  • Alarm response
  • Incident response


  • Close protection
  • Executive car service
  • Manned guarding
  • Residential Security Team
  • Investigations
  • Technical counter surveillance measures
  • Priority support

“My Local Bobby offer a service that is revolutionary and necessary for any neighbourhood. They are a professional, dedicated and committed team of security experts, from a policing background, who offer real outcomes to clients to protect the streets and manage incidents or crime where it occurs.”


Common questions and answers

  • Can the ‘Bobbies’ arrest people?

    Any person can arrest a person committing an indictable offence or who has committed an indictable offence (The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Section 24A as amended by The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005). The ‘Bobbies’ have training and experience to enable them to gather evidence and where required detain a suspect who has or is committing a crime.

  • If I am a victim of crime how can MLB assist?

    Your local ‘Bobby’ will attend immediately to ensure your safety and security. They will secure exhibits and forensics for police. Where required an experienced career detective from TM Eye will be allocated and attend to carry out a thorough investigation in support of the police and will manage the interaction with police to ensure every investigative opportunity is followed up.

  • Can MLB prosecute offenders?

    Yes. MLB is supported by TM Eye, the UK’s most successful private prosecutor. TM Eye detectives will gather evidence and build a criminal case. Where the police or CPS will not proceed and evidence exists that ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and it is in the public interest, TM Eye will prosecute on behalf of the client in the criminal court.

  • How will I contact my ‘Bobby’ if needed?

    All ‘Bobbies’ are tracked in live time. A client can see where they are at all times. All clients have a direct mobile number that will be answered immediately by their local Bobby. Clients can use FaceTime, text or WhatsApp to ‘chat’ or pass information. MLB management monitor all communication and will supervise and respond where necessary. MLB use twitter, Facebook, Instagram and their web site to pass information to clients and the local residents.


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About MLB

As featured in 'The Sunday Times' and 'Evening Standard', 'My Local Bobby Ltd' is the development of 'TM-Eye Ltd' providing bespoke protective services to residents and businesses in small areas known as micro-beats. The service operates on a subscription basis to keep individual costs as affordable as possible. Our aim is to work with all parties that have a vested interest in solving crime and anti-social behaviour problems thereby delivering sustainable improvements to the quality of life for all. 'TM-Eye Ltd' was formed in 2007 and has established itself as a leading organisation in conducting overt and covert investigations into intellectual property and fraud offences. This has been delivered through the work of our highly experienced detectives and cyber experts. To date, working with our legal partners, the organisation has undertaken over 400 private criminal prosecutions with 100% conviction rate. This is seen as the 'pursue' and 'prosecute' element to our work.

Our mission

'My Local Bobby Ltd' is simply the element that 'prevents', 'deters' and 'solves' crime and anti-social behaviour problems in defined areas through bespoke solutions.

The team

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