A new concept for crime deterrence, prevention and prosecution in 21st century London

High - visibility professional uniformed foot patrols 24/7

creating safe and secure neighbourhoods

‘My Local Bobby Ltd’ (MLB) provides bespoke protective services to residents and business operating in defined areas known as ‘micro-beats’.  MLB’s aim is to work alongside police, local councils or other groups that have a vested interest in solving crime and preventing anti-social behaviour, thereby delivering sustainable improvements to the quality of life for all.  Since MLB began operating, we have had numerous successes in dealing with burglary, shoplifting, pick-pocketing, and drug-dealing offences resulting in significant crime reduction statistics across all defined areas of operation. We operate on a subscription basis to ensure individual costs are affordable.

A Service Level to Suit You

‘My Local Bobby Ltd’ believes in creating safe and secure neighbourhoods, free from crime and anti-social behaviour. At a time when law enforcement agencies are stretched and under-resourced, we provide an affordable solution, professionally delivered, for residents and business in both city centres and adjoining suburbs.



“We see the Bobbies from MLB patrolling the streets of Belgravia every day in their distinctive uniforms. It’s like having an old-fashioned Bobby on the Beat again, knowing you can rely on them to attend quickly. The streets feel safe again.”
Giles Bark
Belgravia Resident
“I am a Director of Hadley Wood Security Limited which is a company that exists to collect residents income and appoint a security company to provide patrol services 24/7 in the local area. MLB have recently won the tender and to summarise: they are in a different league. MLB are owned and operated by two ex-police Borough Commanders and to be honest, this really shows in their operational protocols. I have run this company for the past 15 years and we have never experienced service and professionalism on this level. The supervision and support provided by the management go way beyond what we expected. These guys really care about the people they protect and their own reputation and as far as I am concerned I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I am now looking to employ them in my personal business so hopefully that tells you all you need to know.”
Hadley Wood Security
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“The service has been outstanding. It was a excellent collective decision to appoint My Local Bobby and I think the results of no crime on the road have vindicated this. In my 20 years of being a resident, I have never felt safer and the road is at last a beautiful residential road again. The bobbies are great and there is a fantastic element of a personal relationship with them all. So thanks for the great service and look forward to many more years of peace on our road.”
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“I live in Belgravia and was robbed in the early hours whilst returning home. The police were unable to attend. I called the team from My Local Bobby and within hours a highly experienced detective attended and commenced an investigation. Additional high visibility patrols were put in to support me. I cannot praise their response and efforts enough.”
Robbery Victim
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“My Local Bobby offer a service that is revolutionary and necessary for any neighbourhood. They are a professional, dedicated and committed team of security experts, from a policing background, who offer real outcomes to clients to protect the streets and manage incidents or crime where it occurs.”
Harold Tillman CBE
Retail entrepreneur and investor
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"A great outfit - in terms of technical knowledge, bespoke service, efficiency and, especially, the staff with their subtle understanding of the human's need for protection. They made me feel very safe. ‎In my book: 10 out of 10."
Cornelia P
Eaton Square Resident

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MLB - in video

Two videos showing MLB in action. One from the newsreel CNN and one showing one of our Bobbies - Adam on patrol

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CNN Newsroom Report - MLB

Bobby Adam on Patrol

A recent newsreel from CNN showing some of the work of MLB

Video showing some of the issues handled by our Bobbies daily